Top 10 healthy habits for business owners

29 February

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for business owners, given the demands and stresses that come with managing a business.   Here are ten healthy habits that can support business owners in maintaining their physical and mental well-being,...[Read More]

Rewards of working like dogs at corporate playground

28 February

Staff at a Sydney corporate office have a rooftop playground to exercise their canine companions while at work, with hopes they will soon be able to use public transport to get their pets there. Amazon Australia has opened the playground where...[Read More]

Why you need to do something you love every single day

22 February

Engaging in activities that you love is not only enjoyable but also offers a multitude of benefits that can enrich your life in various ways. So, if you’re on the fence about indulging one or some of your life’s passions, here are some...[Read More]

Non-compete clauses could slow higher pay, productivity

22 February

Australian workers could be missing out on higher pay because of a common clause in contracts that stops employees moving to competitors. About one in five employers are using what are known as non-compete clauses, according to an entirely new...[Read More]

Right to disconnect laws pass federal parliament

15 February

Employees will now have the right to disconnect from work out of hours, after industrial relations changes passed parliament. Under the workplace reforms, employees will have the right to ignore unreasonable calls and emails outside of their...[Read More]

Urgent changes needed to support women in STEM jobs

14 February

Urgent, industry-wide changes are needed to help more women, Indigenous Australians and migrants thrive in science, engineering and technology jobs, and to help Australia take advantage of emerging markets such as renewable energy, according to a...[Read More]

How asking a recruit’s past salary entrenches pay gap

14 February

Further entrenching the gender pay gap can be as simple as routinely asking job applicants what they earn at their current job, business leaders have been told. Winning support from the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, construction firm Lendlease no...[Read More]

Workers closer to getting a ‘right to disconnect’

8 February

Workers who are not paid to monitor their phones and emails 24/7 should not be penalised if they choose to disconnect, the prime minister says. A range of workplace changes are before parliament, designed to improve pay and conditions and stamp out...[Read More]

Aussie firms urged to deploy AI to save productivity

8 February

Australian businesses should deploy artificial technology across more parts of their operations or the nation risked falling behind the rest of the world in productivity, a major technology conference has heard. But Microsoft’s AI Tour event in...[Read More]

Five leadership skills that make a great leader

1 February

Being viewed or referred to as a ‘leader’ or ‘future leader’ in any establishment is a major sign of how well-regarded you are as an employee. However, while a leader may or may not be a manager, being a manager doesn’t instantly make...[Read More]

Gender pay gap wider for managers than other job types

25 January

The hourly gender pay gap is wider for Australian managers than for professionals, labourers and other classes of workers. Men in management roles were earning almost 20 per cent more than their female counterparts based on average earnings each...[Read More]

Business ticks off expanded paid parental leave scheme

25 January

Business groups have backed a proposal to increase the number of weeks offered under the paid parental leave scheme. The federal government introduced legislation last year which would extend the scheme by two weeks each year from July 1, to...[Read More]

Corporate Australia winning at climate ‘double-speak’

18 January

Leading Australian companies are “talking the talk” on climate but failing to follow through on green commitments, posing a threat to national climate targets, researchers say. Data on corporate and peak body lobbying on climate policy found...[Read More]

‘Disinformation takeover’ a source of worry as AI grows

18 January

A world run by robots is often a top concern when discussing artificial intelligence but the government is not worried about a takeover so much as a disinformation deluge. As technology rapidly develops, it’s considering laws to ensure stronger AI...[Read More]

Leadership skills for workplace success

11 January

Developing leadership abilities is not always simple, which is why only a select few are successful in their quest to become effective leaders. Those who succeed, however, can take their teams and organisation to new heights. To become a successful...[Read More]