Types of commercial insurance your business will need

4 July

Whether you’re a business owner, supplier, or contractor, commercial insurance is essential to safeguard both your company and staff. With commercial insurance, your business and company assets are protected from certain risks like accidents or...[Read More]

Professional services insurance

27 June

Your job as a professional requires you to apply your expertise to satisfy the requirements of your clientele/patients. Your customers count on you to provide high-quality services and expert guidance. However, despite your best efforts, there’s...[Read More]

Life insurance is an indispensable tool for protecting yourself, your family, and your business

27 June

Life insurance is an essential financial tool that provides a safety net for individuals, their families, and their businesses. It offers protection and peace of mind by ensuring financial stability in the face of unexpected circumstances. Whether...[Read More]

Understanding the Importance of Income Protection Insurance

13 June

When we think about insurance, our minds often gravitate toward the tangible assets we own. We insure our cars against accidents, our homes against damage, and even the contents within our homes against theft or loss.  Yet, one of the most critical...[Read More]

Questions you should ask before buying life insurance

30 May

Like any other insurance policy, life insurance has many variations to meet different users’ needs. Thus, before choosing one, you must determine what you need in a life insurance policy.   The best way to determine the best policy is by...[Read More]

Steps to building an emergency fund & why do you need one

25 April

Life is unpredictable, and financial surprises can arise when you least expect them. This is where an emergency fund comes in. This financial safety net is designed to cover unexpected expenses, like car repairs or medical bills, or provide support...[Read More]

Fortifying the Frontlines: 10 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses in the Digital Age

18 April

Integrating cybersecurity into the fabric of small business operations requires both strategic planning and practical measures.    Here are the top 10 tips to fortify small businesses against cyber threats, underscoring the necessity for...[Read More]

Business interruption insurance

11 April

A crucial though sometimes overlooked safeguard, business interruption insurance provides financial protection for companies facing unexpected disruptions.   But who exactly is it for? The short answer: any business that wants to ensure continuity...[Read More]

Secret of the ‘blue zones’: lifestyle habits for longevity

6 March

Researchers have identified eating a little less, loving a lot more and building strong connections as common threads among the world’s longest living people. We explore how you can their findings to improve your own health.   Babies born...[Read More]

Understanding the five key areas of personal finances

8 February

When it comes to managing your money, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the five key areas of personal finance: income, spending, saving, investing, and protection. Mastering these elements can be the difference between...[Read More]

Some good ways to find the right adviser for you

25 January

Make this the start of something special Good financial advice can be life-changing in the best possible way. So it’s worth putting a bit of effort into finding someone you’ll want to work with for a number of years. Here are some good ways...[Read More]

5 Important questions to ask yourself before buying life insurance

11 January

Like any other insurance policy, life insurance has many variations to meet different users’ needs. Thus, before choosing one, you must determine what you need in a life insurance policy. The best way to determine the best policy is by evaluating...[Read More]

Before you get life insurance, talk through these 6 questions with your financial adviser.

27 December

 You’ll have a clear picture of what you’re buying after asking these following questions:   1. What types of cover do I need? Deciding what you need to be covered for is important. You can start by asking yourself (and your...[Read More]

Life insurance – why it pays to review your cover regularly

13 December

Your life insurance is flexible and can be adapted to your changing needs. Make sure you have a cover review with your adviser every 12-18 months to ensure you’re covered or when major life events occur, for just the right amount, paying the right...[Read More]

Your life insurance cover is designed to be flexible

6 December

As your life changes and your responsibilities expand, your life insurance should expand with it. And if you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of effort, think again. Most policies allow you to increase your cover without any medical checks or...[Read More]