Gas-rich NT ‘key player’ with new carbon capture hub

A proposed emissions storage hub in the Northern Territory will take carbon waste from gas plants and provide a feedstock for making fertiliser and other products.

Chief Minister Natasha Fyles said the creation of a carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) industry will be an important part of the Middle Arm industrial precinct on Darwin Harbour.

“The territory is rapidly emerging as a key player when it comes to the global supply chains, and new technologies needed for energy transition,” Ms Fyles said.

New CSIRO research released on Wednesday draws on the expertise of industry and engineering companies, including INPEX, Santos, Woodside, Eni, Origin Energy and Xodus.

Methanol, jet fuel, urea, methane and mineral carbonates could be made in the NT using captured emissions, according to the report.

The existing liquefied natural gas industry, export links with Asia and renewable electricity potential help to make the case.

Carbon utilisation is the process of using carbon dioxide from industrial emissions or sucked directly out the atmosphere to manufacture products.

Minister for Mining and Industry Nicole Manison said the technology, as part of the hub, would be vital to achieving net zero emissions.

Although carbon capture and storage remains a contentious technology, capture and usage already happens for some everyday products.

AGL Energy’s plant in Adelaide, built in partnership with Air Liquide, sucks in carbon dioxide exhaust from the gas-fired Torrens Island power station.

After passing through a purification process, it’s used to put bubbles in beer and as dry ice in wine making, as well as in waste water treatment and purified water for public swimming pools.


Marion Rae
(Australian Associated Press)


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